ARM & HAMMER(TM) Simply Saline (TM) Neti Pot Kit

Snot season is beginning. When I was little I remember my mom having us use Neti Pots to clear out the funk from inside our noses. I’d forgotten about it until last year when a particularly nasty bug got stuck up in my sinuses. I was pregnant with Giraffe and didn’t want to take any meds. The first time I used the Neti Pot, Holy Mama, what a relief and absolutely disgusting the amount of goo that was released. I didn’t think a human head could hold that much extra stuff. No wonder my head had been killing me.

I used a different brand last year, but this year, I am going to give Simply Saline Neti Pot from Arm & Hammer a try. I’m getting it free via Go check them out, you might qualify too! Get your full value rebate (up to $14.99 value!) at

*I will be provided reimbursement for the cost of a Simply Saline Neti Pot in return for a review.

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