Bento giveaway!

Go check it out! All Things For Sale is giving away a Beginner Bento Kit.


Cute bento beginner kit includes the following great bento accessories items and accessories case.

 – 20 Food Picks 2.12 inch long (measuring with animal head), semi transparent colorful long food picks, orange, pink, yellow, green, great for bento decoration. No Microwave ABS

– Food Pick Stand
– 6-piece Set of Ham, Cheese Cutter – Use to cut Ham, Cheese, Cookies or other similar thin sliced piece of food or vegetable. This cutter set can create bear, tree, heart, and house, to create fun animal family theme. ABS
– 4 Soy Sauce Containers with Filling Dropper- about  4ml each, works great with soy sauce or any runny sauce. The filling dropper makes it easy to refill your sauce into the cute animal containers. PP, PS
– Soy Sauce container Stand
– 6 Paper/PET Food Cups with Animal Tips – (2 designs x 3 pieces each)- Microwave safe,  Food cup is about 2.25 inch long x 2.25 inch wide x 1.88 inch tall2
– Mayo Cups (dip sauce) – randomly selected from 4 designs: fish, elephant, bird, bear – Great for dipping sauce (This item includes 2 mayo cups, which will be randomly selected between the 4 colors) about 14 ml each. PP
– 1 Furikake Spice Container – Yellow chick, Great for spice, and Japanese seasoning furikake. It holds about 54 ml each. PP, PS
– 4 Long Baran Food Partition Sheets This baran sheet can be cut into smaller sheets, if cut, 16 small pieces. Microwave Safe. PP, PET
– Baran Stand
– 2 Seaweed Nori Punchers – randomly selected from 4 designs (star, heart, bear, rabbit)

AND Free Shipping, shipping of the prize is on us, no matter where you are. (✿◠‿◠)”

This is the store that I got most of my bento items from for Turtle’s lunches.

Enter to win. If you don’t want it, give it to me. ;-P