Here comes Halloween

Turtle loves Jack Skellington. He sleeps with his stuffed Pumpkin King every night; that’s how much he loves that thing. Out of all the cutesy stuffed Disneyana on that huge display they have in every Disney store, I let Turtle choose whatever one he wanted and the 4 year old (at the time) chose a skeleton. Uhmkay. I was thinking more Mickey Mouse but alright; we’ll go with it.
Anyway, because he loves that movie I wanted to surprise him with a Jack Skellington lunch.

20111030-231416.jpg Cream cheese and nori make Jack’s face on wheat with strawberry jam. I told Turtle to take Jack’s face off when he was ready to eat. A Jello jiggler bat, goldfish, teriyaki tofu gravestones, and the scariest thing in the box: SpongeBob berry applesauce.

We carved our pumpkins today too. Of course one of them HAD to be Jack.

Wowza! The flash on my iPhone is ridiculously bright, by the way. />

If you look very closely in the first pumpkin pic you can see this one. I just didn’t have the right tools to make the inner carving thin enough but it looks ok in person.

20111030-234415.jpg It’s supposed to be a ghost. I’m just now realizing it looks more like a blow up doll. Sigh.

Turtle also made a Captain Daddy jack o’lantern.

20111031-000551.jpg See the mustache? LOL

We went to the Boo at the Zoo event at the Maryland Zoo today. Guess how many animals we saw.

Zero. Well one really, but it was on the way out and it was a skunk. Very cute though. They were letting the kids check him out. He’d been de-whatever-they-call-it so he couldn’t spray. We had a great time there today. Turtle was in the costume contest. He didn’t win, but he was happy to get a coupon for a happy meal at McD’s (:-x), go trick-or-treating an extra day, and wear his costume another day.

If you haven’t seen Tron: Legacy, he’s Rinzler; a character in the movie. One kid standing near us today said to Turtle in a loud whisper, “You know you’re a bad guy, right?” Kids crack me up.


And the yumminess continues…

So, 2 days later I’m going to finish the “past lunches” post. Life intrudes on my hobbies ;-P Sick daycare provider = Mommy at home, using up time off at work that I haven’t accrued. Good thing I have a great job and a very understanding boss.

This lunch was a request by Turtle. Banana, peanut butter and jelly wrap. Flatout Bread – Kidz Original’s are a handy little item to keep around. Tasty too! The panda picks are holding ham and American cheese roll-ups with Earth’s Best – Crunchin’ Crackers. Organic and Elmo? Win! There’s homemade ranch in the bunny container for the carrot sticks and a couple pineapple chunks.

The jungle animals, acrobatic pandas and condiment containers are from – I told you I love their site.

What I learned from this lunch: That Turtle will avoid eating most fruits and vegetables at all costs.  :-/ Bananas are not a fruit in Turtleland, so they don’t fall under the ‘No Eating’ restriction. Carrots and pineapples get to come back home, sad and lonely in their box. The pandas and the monkey were ‘pick’ing on them. See what I did there? Yeah, I know. I have a 6 month old, anything amuses me in my delirium.

Ok, this next lunch I heart with my wholest of hearts. Ever since he was a teeny-tiny Turtle he could make this very realistic pig snorting noise. Most kids just say oink. No mine actually had to figure out how to make the noise in the back of his throat. I don’t even know how to recreate it. At any rate, he would make the noise, I’d fall over laughing and he would then give me “Piggy-kwisses”. Snort-snort-kiss. Very adorable to this Mommy.

When I saw this over on, I knew what to make that night. Actually they have a ton of good ideas that I’ve borrowed (wink) from to date.

Mr. & Mrs. Pigleyton are wrapped around cheesy rice – a favorite of Turtle’s. They eyes, nostrils and mouths are all cut out of sheets of nori. The green is bok choy, I knew he wasn’t even going to consider eating it, but it needed something as a background. Carrot flowers are super easy to make and are a nice touch. I marinated some tofu in teriyaki and baked it then cut it into cubes with a sliced egg flower. I’m still working on making them actually look like flowers… The apples we picked from an orchard the day before here in Maryland at Turtle’s best friend’s 6th birthday. With caramel dip, they usually get eaten. Pretzels and cheese to round it out.

Unfortunately, Turtle caught a bug at school and as he was eating lunch, lost his cheese all over the cafeteria floor. I really feel for the janitor that day. It’s a load of fun to get a phone call from the school nurse saying your precious child yakked all over the floor and has a 100 degree fever. He missed 3 days of school! This was after already missing the first week due to Hurricane Irene’s destruction. He’s back to his normal self now though. Hooray for the resiliency of youth. Needless to say, this one pretty much came home uneaten.

Last but not least, Bunny Time!

PB&J Sealed sandwich bunny wabbit. Another bento idea from the same series as the Pig. How-to make a sealed sandwich instructions found here. Adorable, right?

Did you notice the container change? The lunches in the 4 container and box are actually from Laptop Lunches. I cannot talk about them enough. We’ve had these since Turtle first started going to daycare 3 years ago now. They are fantastic. The clear container is from CitizenPip, unfortunately who are now going out of business. I bought these containers on clearance at Their containers are “Muck-Free”: BPA, lead, and phthalate free.

Random tangent alert. Phthalate is a weird word. I’ve been pronouncing it wrong for years… Looks like Fuh-that-uh-let, right? Apparently, it’s Th-Allet. Phth = Th? Why not just write Thallet then??? Science is cray-cray.

Ok, time to make dinner for Turtle. No school tomorrow in observance of Rosh Hashanah. Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends.