Happy (belated) birthday Biggest Brother

Captain Daddy’s oldest son, Biggest Brother, turned 13 last month. Captain Daddy is now the parent of a teenager!!! Ack! Today we celebrated his birthday because they are home for the summer with us now. Biggest Brother is OBSESSED with Angry Birds. Captain Daddy asked if I could make a cake for him with that as the theme. Challenge accepted!

After much research (::cough:: Google images ::cough::) I found a perfect cake to copy at Cherry’s Cakes I loved the idea of the name across the side. The site is amazing. If you live in Brisbane, Australia I can’t recommend enough Cherry’s Cakes. They are AMAZING!

Biggest Brother asked for a ‘berry’ cake. Challenge #2 – find a good fresh berry cake recipe. After more intense research (Yep, Google, again) I found what sounded like exactly what I was looking for at Confections of a Foodie Bride No jello, no food coloring. Perfect. I did sub in half blueberries for the strawberries in the batter though. The recipe is great. The cakes came out perfectly flat, I didn’t have to trim them at all. I soaked them in a little blackberry syrup so they would be super moist.

The frosting is an easy buttercream. 2 sticks of butter, 1/2 cup of vegetable shortening, 1 teaspoon, and an asston of powdered sugar whipped together.

I am pretty happy with how the cake turned out.

ImageTurtle requested that I make the Boomerang Angry Bird specifically. ImageImageImage I mixed a little bit of the extra berry puree with some of the buttercream as the filling between the layers of cake. I like the purple-y color of the cake. It was just bursting with fresh berry flavor. Yum-yum!

This was a fun cake to make. All the pigs and birds are made from Gum Paste. It’s like edible Play-Doh. I feel like a kid playing around with it when I make a cake.



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