MAMorial Child’s Play Party

Memorial Day weekend was a great one for us. Captain Daddy was home so it’s always a reason to party, but I had another reason to party too. MAM and Child’s Play Party selected me as a host for their Smile Baby, Smile Party to showcase some of MAM’s oral care products.

A lucky group of Mommy’s, Daddy’s (and a grandma) came over and we got to play party games and eat yummy food while discussing baby-toddler dental care and then they all received a huge packet ($20 value) of dental care products courtesy of MAM.

My favorite game was the word scramble. It was a hoot to see who could solve them the quickest and who could solve the most of them. The trivia game was very informative, as I don’t think anyone knew all of the answers. We all learned something.

Huge shout out to MAM and Child’s Play Party for providing such an awesome party opportunity to me to share with my friends. I received no compensation for this blog post but did receive some amazing MAM products for Giraffe in exchange for hosting this party. Giraffe LOVES chewing on toothbrushes, especially since he’s teething.

(I was about a month late on getting this party partied. BAD ME! But we finally managed to get people over despite everything going on and had a great time.)


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