Tooth invaders

When I was little we had a Commodore 64/128. My favorite game to play was Tooth Invaders. I loved killing the germs that made the cavities. Trust me, I realize how much of a dork I was, thanks. At any rate, I was very excited to be chosen by MommyParties to host an Oral-b Stages party. I’m posting this a little late. We had this party on 12/4 and am now just getting around to writing about it. Things have been crazy, as usual.This was the best party pack I’ve received. It was a huge box and it was full of stuff. It was great. They even sent a movie for the kids to watch and popcorn with cute movie theater type popcorn boxes to serve in. You can tell there was a lot of thought put into this pack. They had even created movie ticket looking “invitations” to fill out and cut apart.

The only complaint I had (and it’s a minor one) is that they only sent one toothbrush for older children out of the 11 total sent. The other 10 were for 4 to 24 months in age. All the toothpaste was for older kids, so it was a little weird.

We started out the party with the movie. I didn’t realize it was the new one that came out not long ago until we started watching it. I thought I was getting an older version. This was great. Turtle was instantly engrossed but if you ask him I’m pretty sure he’ll say “No I wasn’t. That movie is for babies.” LOL

The goody bags were very full once I got everything in there. The balloons and popcorn were smart things to include. I had enough leftover helium in a tank I’d bought for Colin’s birthday in April to fill the balloons. Wewt!

Here are some candid shots from the party. The face blur thing is a little creepy but since I didn’t get any photo release forms from Oral-b or MommyParties to pass out to the guests, I don’t feel right posting faces.

He’s so stinking cute it hurts.

Giraffe was a BIG fan of the toothbrush. His little nubby teeth on the bottom had just come in so it was perfect timing.

He did have a little trouble figuring out which end to use though.I did not receive any compensation from MommyParties or Oral-b to host this party or provide this blog post.


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