Today has been a good day

#1 – I won a dozen cupcakes via Carryout Menu’s book of Face page AND they delivered them to my work.

#2 – Received an email from gDiapers telling me that I was picked to be part of their gMum program and that my package of goodies to spread the love of gDiapers is on it’s way. I love my gDiapers, Giraffe looks so stinking cute in them.

Seriously, look at how adorable these are.

Even though I don’t have a girl I love this dress and coordinating diapers.

Would make a great baby gift for any new or expectant mother of a girl.

#3 – Turtle has been on “Green” all week at school. Praisealujah. I was afraid I was going to have to Google “boot camps for Kindergarteners”.

#4 – I am successfully slogging through the backlog of paperwork at my job and started to see the top of my desk again. It has been a while…

Because I don’t want this post to be too full of happiness and glittery rainbow farting unicorns – Giraffe is teething and, he may or may not have been, inhabited by a demon. Holy crap. That tooth needs to come through so my sweet angel baby comes back. Poor little guy.


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