Feeling a little blue…

No, not that kind of blue.

This kind: On Sunday a select group of the coolest kids in the universe came over for a Smurf Blu-Ray/DVD release party. I was chosen (with probably 10,000 others) to host a party about the movie through Crowdtap.

I had a Smurf sized budget so I went to the dollar store and bought blue decorations. Stumbled on these blue juices that were low sugar. Since it was a little kid party I went with junk food and pizza as the food theme. Unoriginal but it works. The tablecloth is blue I swear! This pic has a pink tint for some reason.We were sent a digital media kit with activities but we made our own Smurf games to play.

It was such a beautiful day for December that I just didn’t want to waste it. I dyed a bunch of eggs blue and we had a Smurf race. The kids and parents had to hold their egg in a spoon and race across the yard without dropping the egg. Here is everyone all lined up and ready to go! I was impressed with the abilities of even the smallest participants in keeping their egg on their spoon.

Look at those mad skillz! Rock on little Princess!

We also did a SmurfTossing game. 

Evil. I know. I imagine Gargamel has a similar game before he eats them. Why does he want to eat them anyway? I’ve never figured that out. I can’t imagine that a Smurf is very tasty. How many of them would you have to eat to get full? They’re tiny!

I digress, back to the game. One Mommy had the misfortune of aiding in the demise of one of our Smurf eggs. See the other poor unfortunate Smurf soul on the sidewalk. One of the little fellows at the party had the best time smashing Smurf eggs. Complete with evil cackle.

Another Smurf egg took a Kamikaze dive into the side of the house. After the games we watched the Smurf movie to wind everybody down.

Kids are amazing multi-taskers. Look at Turtle. Eating popcorn, coloring, and watching the movie. The kids enjoyed the movie and the grown-ups had fun just hanging out. Great play date! Need to do them more often. Thanks to Crowdtap and The Smurf Movie for the opportunity to have a fun time.

Here are the links to the Smurf digital media if your kids would have fun with them:

Coloring Sheets: http://flash.sonypictures.com/shared/homevideo/thesmurfs/finalprintables_digitalall.PDF
Papa Smurf Potion Commotion Game: http://www.smurfhappens.com/game/papasmurf/
Clumsy’s Central Park Dash Game: http://www.sonypictures.com/homevideo/thesmurfs/ (a bunch more games at www.smurfhappens.com)
Goldrun iPhone App: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/goldrun/id396800792?mt=8

Disclosure: I am eligible to earn rewards through Crowdtap based on my selection to host the Smurf Blu-Ray/DVD release party but as of the date of writing this post I have not received any compensation by Crowdtap or any other entity.




Today has been a good day

#1 – I won a dozen cupcakes via Carryout Menu’s book of Face page AND they delivered them to my work.

#2 – Received an email from gDiapers telling me that I was picked to be part of their gMum program and that my package of goodies to spread the love of gDiapers is on it’s way. I love my gDiapers, Giraffe looks so stinking cute in them.

Seriously, look at how adorable these are.

Even though I don’t have a girl I love this dress and coordinating diapers.

Would make a great baby gift for any new or expectant mother of a girl.

#3 – Turtle has been on “Green” all week at school. Praisealujah. I was afraid I was going to have to Google “boot camps for Kindergarteners”.

#4 – I am successfully slogging through the backlog of paperwork at my job and started to see the top of my desk again. It has been a while…

Because I don’t want this post to be too full of happiness and glittery rainbow farting unicorns – Giraffe is teething and, he may or may not have been, inhabited by a demon. Holy crap. That tooth needs to come through so my sweet angel baby comes back. Poor little guy.