Playing catch-up

I’m figuratively kicking myself in the rear for not posting daily. Really need to keep up on this. Sad to say that a few of the lunches have been uninspired, which lead me to be ashamed of posting them. ;-P

Here is one that I wasn’t ashamed of though. All aboard the choo-choo train! Ham, Turkey and cream cheese on whole wheat. Gummy vitamins. Frosted Animal crackers. Sesame Street crackers. Pirate Booty cheese puffs and celery with crunchy peanut butter. Again, sorry for the bad lighting on the picture.

The little rice animals make me giggle. The bear looks like he’s wearing a sweat band on his head. The other 3 are an elephant, chick, and a rabbit. Surimi sushi, gyoza, pasta salad and caramel rice crackers for a sweet to finish the meal. The animals are made using rice molds from All Things for Sale 

The pancake lunch was a last minute morning rush meal. The night before we were at the ER with Giraffe. When we finally got home, I was just too beat to make Turtle’s lunch. I had to cook 3 separate batches of those stupid meatballs until I got them right. The instructions said to cook them WAY longer than necessary. If I hadn’t been so out of it, I would’ve realized that anything longer than a minute was too long to cook these mini-meatballs. I skewered them with Monterey Jack cheese. Turtle didn’t eat very much of this lunch. Which is so strange given how much he loves pancakes. I used this recipe from Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman.  She is right. They are the perfect pancakes.

I originally made the recipe so I could make these:
Oh mama were they good. This is a really hearty pancake batter so between Turtle, myself, and Captain Daddy 5 of these monstrosities panbaconcakes were more than enough. After those 5 there was a large amount of batter leftover to make regular pancakes to freeze for the future. They froze and reheated perfectly. This will be my new go-to pancake recipe. Better than the crap in the frozen section at the store.

These next two are pics are some of the uninspired (boring) lunches.

This one though, I had fun with. It’s a bagel sea monster. In the Star Wars thermos was the V8 Smoothie. Pretty tasty actually. Cream cheese and strawberry jam inside the bagel with fruit leather spikes and face. Tofu, blueberries, applesauce and a sweet potato muffin. Yummy yummy.

That’s enough for today. Almost caught up. 😉

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