Sleep is for the weak

Who needs sleep? Apparently not me.
Tonight was Family Night at Turtle’s school. In exchange for 2 hours of my life I received pizza, bottled water, Andy Capp’s Hot Fries and 1.5 hours of bullying prevention information. Oh, and a squishy football.

Turtle was thrilled.
Instead of going to bed like any sane person, I got the kids off to bed and watched Monday Night Football. Sorry Ravens fans. Maybe you’ll have a better game Sunday. I gave up on it at half time and did the dishes instead.
I remembered that Turtle had requested a “robot lunch” this weekend too. I’d hate to disappoint the little guy so this is what I came up with.

20111025-003356.jpg Peanut butter no jelly on wheat with cheese crown, face, chest, and belt ; apple-blueberry fruit leather pants (\m/); carrot feet. The star is from the space collection of goldfish. Added a jack o’lantern carrot, pirate booty cheese puffs, the rest of the fruit leather cut up, gummy vitamins, more of the space goldfish, and a frosted animal cracker cookie.
Turtle had some, ahem, challenging days last week at school. However, today he came home a Super Star again. Pretty sure he’s just testing his boundaries but good grief kid, give your poor Mama a break! I’m glad he has a very patient teacher. The woman must be a saint.
Giraffe has been teething too. Load of fun around here lately.
What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, right? I’m going to be freaking Superman by the time the kids are adults if that is the case. :-p
Good night all.

3 thoughts on “Sleep is for the weak

  1. Turtle & Giraffe – how gorgeous 🙂

    I’m stunned what a creative lunch you have made. It’s just fantastic. What a wonderful, wonderful mother you are. They sound a bit young for an anti bullying gig though (?). Sounds like a big night But OOOOOH, I need my sleep!

    Hey, I note you subscribed. Thank you so much, I am truly honoured. I hope you get something out of what I have to say. It’s a retell of my early raising of my son. Events occurred. I need to get them freed from me. I would love to inspire people, if possible.

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