May the Force be with you

I freely admit to being the biggest nerd ever. I’m doing my best to get Turtle to be a nerd with me. His interests lie more in Batman than Star Wars. Le sigh. Maybe I can start getting Giraffe interested already…

At any rate, Turtle does like Star Wars stuff – especially if he can eat it. So far I’ve made two lunches using the Williams-Sonoma Star Wars sandwich cutters I bought for my birthday.

Here is the Tie fighter:

PB&J on whole wheat with a sprinkle of wheat germ inside. I used one of the Star Wars cookie cutters to make the Death Star cheese. Isn’t it cute? At the top of the photo, it’s hard to see, there is tofu on a stick – I told Turtle it was a Tofu Lightsaber. He thought that was hilarious. This lunch came back almost completely finished. I think he might have even eaten a piece or two of the kiwi. GASP!

Most children have a dream of becoming a ballerina or astronaut when they grow up. Me? I wanted to be Princess Leia. To my little girl self, she was kick-ass. Talked back to the baddies and held her own with the boys. Not to mention, Han Solo was a hottie. Harrison Ford was rawr-worthy 30 years ago. Not so much now.

Captain Daddy had a Millennium Falcon toy back in the day. You know the one that’s worth bookoo bucks now? He tells me he thinks he had an ultimate battle on the beach one day and lost it. It’s probably still floating around in the Pacific Ocean somewhere. Oh well, I guess a Millennium Falcon sandwich will just have to do instead. Another PB&J. How unoriginal of me. At least these lunches weren’t back-to-back. Not that Turtle would mind. I’m pretty sure he would be content with one every day. He was very excited for the cosmic brownie and applesauce.

He brought home half of the sandwich and had eaten everything else. Pretty good for him.

All in all, I really like the sandwich cutters. They’re well made and pretty sharp. I wish they had smaller sizes so I could make battle scenes. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to freestyle cut shapes.

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