So Happy Together

I’m baa-aack.
I have been such a slacker when it comes to writing. I’ve got a few excuses but probably the worst one is that I had some stuff due at work last week and it cut into writing time… at work. Shhh.
We had a super busy weekend. Captain Daddy drove up to spend the long weekend with us. It’s one of the best things in the world to see Turtle’s face when he sees that Daddy is home. That joyous yell of, “DADDY!” and the full speed launch onto Daddy always brings a tear (or 3) to my eye. Even Giraffe had a big gummy grin and excited coo when he spied the big guy.

Here they are watching some football game. Or an episode of Sergeant Frog. That is one funny, yet very strange, show.
At any rate, I haven’t been very creative with the lunches lately but I still took pictures. If nothing else maybe one day Turtle will read this and see how much I love his little stinky butt.

20111010-235148.jpg The wheels on the bus go round and round. PB&J bus with cheese windows and wheels. Cheese straws. Monterey Jack cubes. Apple carrot sauce and grapes. Just now realized how much cheese is in this lunch. Oops. I do think sometimes that Turtle is part mouse. He eats cheese like it’s going extinct.
I also made some yummies for Giraffe. Peas, carrots, and butternut squash.
Note. When cutting butternut squash, make sure the squash is dry or this can happen.

20111010-235526.jpg I know better too. Not my brightest moment for sure. Giraffe will know how much I love him by my willingness to bleed for the kid.
It was worth it though for me to be able to make stuff that looks like this for him.

20111010-235731.jpg Doesn’t that just look divine? Peas, blueberry-oatmeal mix, and carrots. Gorgeous.
Jarred stuff just doesn’t have that same vibrancy. Homemade smells better too.
The last picture tonight is one of the last-minute-mommy-is-exhausted lunches.

Mini cheese ravioli from Trader Joe’s in marinara with pizza blend shredded cheese. Goldfish bread toast. Berries and yogurt.
Good night. Talk to you again soon.

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