Here comes Halloween

Turtle loves Jack Skellington. He sleeps with his stuffed Pumpkin King every night; that’s how much he loves that thing. Out of all the cutesy stuffed Disneyana on that huge display they have in every Disney store, I let Turtle choose whatever one he wanted and the 4 year old (at the time) chose a skeleton. Uhmkay. I was thinking more Mickey Mouse but alright; we’ll go with it.
Anyway, because he loves that movie I wanted to surprise him with a Jack Skellington lunch.

20111030-231416.jpg Cream cheese and nori make Jack’s face on wheat with strawberry jam. I told Turtle to take Jack’s face off when he was ready to eat. A Jello jiggler bat, goldfish, teriyaki tofu gravestones, and the scariest thing in the box: SpongeBob berry applesauce.

We carved our pumpkins today too. Of course one of them HAD to be Jack.

Wowza! The flash on my iPhone is ridiculously bright, by the way. />

If you look very closely in the first pumpkin pic you can see this one. I just didn’t have the right tools to make the inner carving thin enough but it looks ok in person.

20111030-234415.jpg It’s supposed to be a ghost. I’m just now realizing it looks more like a blow up doll. Sigh.

Turtle also made a Captain Daddy jack o’lantern.

20111031-000551.jpg See the mustache? LOL

We went to the Boo at the Zoo event at the Maryland Zoo today. Guess how many animals we saw.

Zero. Well one really, but it was on the way out and it was a skunk. Very cute though. They were letting the kids check him out. He’d been de-whatever-they-call-it so he couldn’t spray. We had a great time there today. Turtle was in the costume contest. He didn’t win, but he was happy to get a coupon for a happy meal at McD’s (:-x), go trick-or-treating an extra day, and wear his costume another day.

If you haven’t seen Tron: Legacy, he’s Rinzler; a character in the movie. One kid standing near us today said to Turtle in a loud whisper, “You know you’re a bad guy, right?” Kids crack me up.


Playing catch-up

I’m figuratively kicking myself in the rear for not posting daily. Really need to keep up on this. Sad to say that a few of the lunches have been uninspired, which lead me to be ashamed of posting them. ;-P

Here is one that I wasn’t ashamed of though. All aboard the choo-choo train! Ham, Turkey and cream cheese on whole wheat. Gummy vitamins. Frosted Animal crackers. Sesame Street crackers. Pirate Booty cheese puffs and celery with crunchy peanut butter. Again, sorry for the bad lighting on the picture.

The little rice animals make me giggle. The bear looks like he’s wearing a sweat band on his head. The other 3 are an elephant, chick, and a rabbit. Surimi sushi, gyoza, pasta salad and caramel rice crackers for a sweet to finish the meal. The animals are made using rice molds from All Things for Saleย 

The pancake lunch was a last minute morning rush meal. The night before we were at the ER with Giraffe. When we finally got home, I was just too beat to make Turtle’s lunch. I had to cook 3 separate batches of those stupid meatballs until I got them right. The instructions said to cook them WAY longer than necessary. If I hadn’t been so out of it, I would’ve realized that anything longer than a minute was too long to cook these mini-meatballs. I skewered them with Monterey Jack cheese. Turtle didn’t eat very much of this lunch. Which is so strange given how much he loves pancakes. I used this recipe from Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman.ย  She is right. They are the perfect pancakes.

I originally made the recipe so I could make these:
Oh mama were they good. This is a really hearty pancake batter so between Turtle, myself, and Captain Daddy 5 of these monstrosities panbaconcakes were more than enough. After those 5 there was a large amount of batter leftover to make regular pancakes to freeze for the future. They froze and reheated perfectly. This will be my new go-to pancake recipe. Better than the crap in the frozen section at the store.

These next two are pics are some of the uninspired (boring) lunches.

This one though, I had fun with. It’s a bagel sea monster. In the Star Wars thermos was the V8 Smoothie. Pretty tasty actually. Cream cheese and strawberry jam inside the bagel with fruit leather spikes and face. Tofu, blueberries, applesauce and a sweet potato muffin. Yummy yummy.

That’s enough for today. Almost caught up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sleep is for the weak

Who needs sleep? Apparently not me.
Tonight was Family Night at Turtle’s school. In exchange for 2 hours of my life I received pizza, bottled water, Andy Capp’s Hot Fries and 1.5 hours of bullying prevention information. Oh, and a squishy football.

Turtle was thrilled.
Instead of going to bed like any sane person, I got the kids off to bed and watched Monday Night Football. Sorry Ravens fans. Maybe you’ll have a better game Sunday. I gave up on it at half time and did the dishes instead.
I remembered that Turtle had requested a “robot lunch” this weekend too. I’d hate to disappoint the little guy so this is what I came up with.

20111025-003356.jpg Peanut butter no jelly on wheat with cheese crown, face, chest, and belt ; apple-blueberry fruit leather pants (\m/); carrot feet. The star is from the space collection of goldfish. Added a jack o’lantern carrot, pirate booty cheese puffs, the rest of the fruit leather cut up, gummy vitamins, more of the space goldfish, and a frosted animal cracker cookie.
Turtle had some, ahem, challenging days last week at school. However, today he came home a Super Star again. Pretty sure he’s just testing his boundaries but good grief kid, give your poor Mama a break! I’m glad he has a very patient teacher. The woman must be a saint.
Giraffe has been teething too. Load of fun around here lately.
What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, right? I’m going to be freaking Superman by the time the kids are adults if that is the case. :-p
Good night all.

Why did the witch refuse to have a relationship with the vampire?

Because he had a hollow-weenie. ba-dum-ching!

I know. It’s a terrible joke, but I love everything about Halloween. I’ve been on a Halloween kick lately. All Halloween. All the time.

Here is my yard.

Ooh! Spooky!

I made these delicious Sweet Potato-Coconut-Banana muffins by the Barefoot Kitchen Witch. They were excellent. Drool.

Turtle told me he wanted a “Spooky Lunch”. Uhm, alright… Jack o’ lantern quesadilla (had to cut it for him to be able to eat it) and tortilla chips. Tofu cubes with “Boo” cheese, crackers with ghost cheese, vegan zucchini muffin, sour cream in the tub and a leftover cake pop sans stick.

Speaking of the cake pops. Here they are too. Aren’t they fantastic? The inside is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Evilly delicious.

I’m so looking forward to Halloween. Making Turtle’s costume this weekend probably. I will post when it’s complete.

Happy Hauntings!

May the Force be with you

I freely admit to being the biggest nerd ever. I’m doing my best to get Turtle to be a nerd with me. His interests lie more in Batman than Star Wars. Le sigh. Maybe I can start getting Giraffe interested already…

At any rate, Turtle does like Star Wars stuff – especially if he can eat it. So far I’ve made two lunches using the Williams-Sonoma Star Wars sandwich cutters I bought for my birthday.

Here is the Tie fighter:

PB&J on whole wheat with a sprinkle of wheat germ inside. I used one of the Star Wars cookie cutters to make the Death Star cheese. Isn’t it cute? At the top of the photo, it’s hard to see, there is tofu on a stick – I told Turtle it was a Tofu Lightsaber. He thought that was hilarious. This lunch came back almost completely finished. I think he might have even eaten a piece or two of the kiwi. GASP!

Most children have a dream of becoming a ballerina or astronaut when they grow up. Me? I wanted to be Princess Leia. To my little girl self, she was kick-ass. Talked back to the baddies and held her own with the boys. Not to mention, Han Solo was a hottie. Harrison Ford was rawr-worthy 30 years ago. Not so much now.

Captain Daddy had a Millennium Falcon toy back in the day. You know the one that’s worth bookoo bucks now? He tells me he thinks he had an ultimate battle on the beach one day and lost it. It’s probably still floating around in the Pacific Ocean somewhere. Oh well, I guess a Millennium Falcon sandwich will just have to do instead. Another PB&J. How unoriginal of me. At least these lunches weren’t back-to-back. Not that Turtle would mind. I’m pretty sure he would be content with one every day. He was very excited for the cosmic brownie and applesauce.

He brought home half of the sandwich and had eaten everything else. Pretty good for him.

All in all, I really like the sandwich cutters. They’re well made and pretty sharp. I wish they had smaller sizes so I could make battle scenes. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to freestyle cut shapes.

I love Halloween

These were an all day project. Who knew such little things could be so much work. They came out better than I thought they would for a first attempt. Need to figure out how to make the chocolate go on smoother though.

They’re made with boxed mix carrot cake and store bought cream cheese frosting. I just cannot fathom baking a cake and making frosting from scratch to mush it all together. That’s just a waste. BUT next time I have leftover cake, I know what I’m doing with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Vote for me!

Gratuitous self-promotion in the vain hope that I will win a prize on the Book of Face. Laptop Lunches is holding a photo contest on their Facebook page and they’re giving away a gift card for use on their site. I would love to update Turtle’s lunch bag with their new 2.0 Bento set (WITH ALIENS!)

If you use the Laptop Lunch system – head on over to the contest details page and learn how to enter your own creation before the contest 10/17.

Oh and go vote for me! Mine is the lunch with the two ham piggies. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you enter, I will go vote for you, just let me know which one is yours.