I’ll start this post with today’s lunch. Turtle’s favoritest Super Hero (besides Captain Daddy) is Batman. I asked him what he wanted in his lunch, he said, “A Batman sandwich”. What Turtle asks, Turtle receives.  I told him to roll it up like a burrito when it was time to eat. The container came back empty today. Sometimes simple is best. 😉 I also gave him a small container of yogurt with strawberries, pretzels and celery with peanut butter. The yogurt went untouched, as did the pretzels but he licked the peanut butter out of the celery… sigh.

Another Turtle fav is Voltron: Defender of the Universe. He’d watch that until his eyeballs fell out if I let him. So I scored him a thermos on eBay for a few bucks. Sanitized it in one of the bags I use to sterilize Giraffe’s bottles and it was good to go. Instead of buying those shelf-stable milk cartons, I send him the thermos filled with milk every day. Any milk leftover is still chilled when I open it at 530 the same day.

I am so proud of Turtle. Yesterday he came home a Super Star. His school follows a “Focus on Positive” behavior program. There’s some acronym they used IS or IFsomething-something. Anyway, they use an upside-down stop light as a visual aid for the kids to know where they are with their behavior. Every morning all the kids start out on green. They all aim to stay on green. If they don’t listen, their name gets moved down to yellow. If they improve their behavior, back up to green their name goes. If they get worse, there are 2 more spaces in yellow before they go to red. So your kid has to be a total poop to come home red. They also have “Super Star” for kids who go above and beyond that day. Like your kid helped out someone who fell down, or something. Since I was home, I was lucky enough to see him get off the bus with a huge smile and his Super Star Student sticker on his shirt. He was so proud.

Maybe it was the lunch that set him on the path to Super Stardom. Penguin turkey & cheese on Whitewheat and whole wheat bread. Totally ripped off from He has way nicer knives. Obviously. Yogurt w/ pureed organic Maine blueberries, babybel cheese (which I stole a slice to make the penguin’s eyes. Wheat Thin multigrain crackers and kiwi. Guess what came home uneaten. Hint: It’s green.

All in all, it’s been a good week for my kiddos. Giraffe if starting to sit up on his own. Yay Big Boy. I took him to work with me for a few hours today. What a mess. He’s teething and a loud mouth. We didn’t stay long. o.O


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