Typical me

Just started this blog and have already let it fall behind. That’s typical me alright. However, I have still been a busy little bee making fun lunches for Turtle.

Thinking I’ll just lump them all onto this one post… Yeah. Good idea, Me! Me is so smart sometimes.

Best to start from the beginning. This was from Week One but not Day One because, (proof that I’m not always smart) I forgot to take pictures of the lunches. In my defense, they weren’t as picture-worthy as this one. Yes, I gave my Kindergartener sushi for lunch. Yes, he ate it all. Surimi and Korean marinated carrots = YUM. The only thing he didn’t eat all of was the nectarines. He ate a good portion of it though. Good enough for me.

So I was inspired by (read: stole this idea from) Cute Food for Kids Yes, yes I know, theirs is much nicer. I will maintain that they made a couple dozen of them and picked the one that looked the best. Mine’s not half-bad for the first (only) attempt. ;-P

Lunch Day 1I see that I need to work on my lighting…

Between bouts of awesomeness, I do yummy but visually boring lunches. Sue me.

Homemade refried pinto beans, rice and cheese burritos, sour cream, shelf-stable milk and apples w/ peanut butter dip. This too came back empty save for an apple slice.

Hmmm, reconsidering all in one post idea now. This is pretty long. Attention drifting. Ooh look shiny! Maybe one more here and then start a new post with more of this exciting fun.

Bacon Grilled Cheese bites w/ ketchup dip, No sugar added applesauce, whole wheat Goldfish, fruit snacks and a hard-boiled egg shaped like a fish.

Yes, I said a fish. See? It’s so easy to make these with hard-boiled egg molds. Also, steamed the eggs instead of boiling them. The shells peel off easier than you can imagine.

There are some fantastic bento lunch items floating around out there. I bought most of mine from All Things For Sale.com Super cheap, fast shipping what more could you ask for?


2 thoughts on “Typical me

  1. YUM. I absolutely love Asian delicacies. I wouldn’t have known you were behind in your blog if you didn’t say, because it’s my first day visiting your page 🙂

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