Kotobuki 280-129 2-Tiered Bento Box, Panda Face: Kitchen & Dining Kotobuki 280-129 2-Tiered Bento Box, Panda Face: Kitchen & Dining. WANT! When you put the strap on the box, it gives the panda eyebrows!!!! LOL

We have an affinity for pandas in my circle of friends. There are quality pandas and then there are sad pandas. This one here is a certified quality panda.


Sweet Child O’ Mine

Yesterday was Rosh Hashanah and Turtle didn’t have school. So you’d think I would have had plenty of time to make a SUPER AWESOME creation. Yeah, not so much.It’s not TERRIBLE but could’ve been better and my lighting sucks. English muffin pizza w/ mini pepperoni. Turkey and cheese face crackers, pandabanana (say that 3 times fast), a little ranch for the pizza in the lion container, and you can barely see it at the top right, a container of no sugar added applesauce. Under the crackers I hid a surprise for him. Cookies! Not just any cookies though, these are WhoNu? cookies. They look like Oreos but have Fiber, Calcium and Vitamins. Tasty too.

The reason the lunch was kinda meh was that Giraffe’s frozen stockpile of food was running low so my energies were focused there. I must have left my brain hat off though because I keep meaning to take pictures of that too but just can’t ever remember to do it. He now has a mini stockpile of oatmeal, carrots, peas, and applesauce. The carrots and peas are a new addition to his diet. We shall see how that goes…

I love, love, love the stackable containers I use for Giraffe’s food. They’re from a company called iPlay. They have a line called Green Sprouts. Baby feeding, toys and other stuff that are Green. You know BPA free and all that. I bought mine at half price on Baby Half Off. They don’t use up a ton of space in the freezer and they stack perfectly. Each little container holds 2 ounces and they travel really well. We went to the Rennaissance Faire here in Maryland last weekend with them in my Bumble Haley snack bag. I fit 3 inside with ice packs and 2 spoons.

Speaking of ice packs. Having taken many a food safety management course in my time, I worry excessively over foodborne illnesses and my children. Sending lunches to school without doing all you can to keep the food out of the ‘Temperature Danger Zone’ is just a big No-No. What is the TDZ you ask? Well, between 41 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit bacteria thrive and multiply. Yeah, room temperature falls in there. So does our body temperature. You eat bad bacteria then you get sick. This page explains it well.

For peace of mind I use the Igloo Maxcold Ice Sheets. They are filled with water, so I don’t have to worry about something contaminating Turtle’s food if one of them breaks. I cut them to fit in whatever lunch bag I send with Turtle. These little puppies stay cold a long time. Found them at Target in their outdoors section with the thermoses. I would have spent double the price for these they are that fantastic.

Talk at you again soon!


I’ll start this post with today’s lunch. Turtle’s favoritest Super Hero (besides Captain Daddy) is Batman. I asked him what he wanted in his lunch, he said, “A Batman sandwich”. What Turtle asks, Turtle receives.  I told him to roll it up like a burrito when it was time to eat. The container came back empty today. Sometimes simple is best. 😉 I also gave him a small container of yogurt with strawberries, pretzels and celery with peanut butter. The yogurt went untouched, as did the pretzels but he licked the peanut butter out of the celery… sigh.

Another Turtle fav is Voltron: Defender of the Universe. He’d watch that until his eyeballs fell out if I let him. So I scored him a thermos on eBay for a few bucks. Sanitized it in one of the bags I use to sterilize Giraffe’s bottles and it was good to go. Instead of buying those shelf-stable milk cartons, I send him the thermos filled with milk every day. Any milk leftover is still chilled when I open it at 530 the same day.

I am so proud of Turtle. Yesterday he came home a Super Star. His school follows a “Focus on Positive” behavior program. There’s some acronym they used IS or IFsomething-something. Anyway, they use an upside-down stop light as a visual aid for the kids to know where they are with their behavior. Every morning all the kids start out on green. They all aim to stay on green. If they don’t listen, their name gets moved down to yellow. If they improve their behavior, back up to green their name goes. If they get worse, there are 2 more spaces in yellow before they go to red. So your kid has to be a total poop to come home red. They also have “Super Star” for kids who go above and beyond that day. Like your kid helped out someone who fell down, or something. Since I was home, I was lucky enough to see him get off the bus with a huge smile and his Super Star Student sticker on his shirt. He was so proud.

Maybe it was the lunch that set him on the path to Super Stardom. Penguin turkey & cheese on Whitewheat and whole wheat bread. Totally ripped off from He has way nicer knives. Obviously. Yogurt w/ pureed organic Maine blueberries, babybel cheese (which I stole a slice to make the penguin’s eyes. Wheat Thin multigrain crackers and kiwi. Guess what came home uneaten. Hint: It’s green.

All in all, it’s been a good week for my kiddos. Giraffe if starting to sit up on his own. Yay Big Boy. I took him to work with me for a few hours today. What a mess. He’s teething and a loud mouth. We didn’t stay long. o.O

And the yumminess continues…

So, 2 days later I’m going to finish the “past lunches” post. Life intrudes on my hobbies ;-P Sick daycare provider = Mommy at home, using up time off at work that I haven’t accrued. Good thing I have a great job and a very understanding boss.

This lunch was a request by Turtle. Banana, peanut butter and jelly wrap. Flatout Bread – Kidz Original’s are a handy little item to keep around. Tasty too! The panda picks are holding ham and American cheese roll-ups with Earth’s Best – Crunchin’ Crackers. Organic and Elmo? Win! There’s homemade ranch in the bunny container for the carrot sticks and a couple pineapple chunks.

The jungle animals, acrobatic pandas and condiment containers are from – I told you I love their site.

What I learned from this lunch: That Turtle will avoid eating most fruits and vegetables at all costs.  :-/ Bananas are not a fruit in Turtleland, so they don’t fall under the ‘No Eating’ restriction. Carrots and pineapples get to come back home, sad and lonely in their box. The pandas and the monkey were ‘pick’ing on them. See what I did there? Yeah, I know. I have a 6 month old, anything amuses me in my delirium.

Ok, this next lunch I heart with my wholest of hearts. Ever since he was a teeny-tiny Turtle he could make this very realistic pig snorting noise. Most kids just say oink. No mine actually had to figure out how to make the noise in the back of his throat. I don’t even know how to recreate it. At any rate, he would make the noise, I’d fall over laughing and he would then give me “Piggy-kwisses”. Snort-snort-kiss. Very adorable to this Mommy.

When I saw this over on, I knew what to make that night. Actually they have a ton of good ideas that I’ve borrowed (wink) from to date.

Mr. & Mrs. Pigleyton are wrapped around cheesy rice – a favorite of Turtle’s. They eyes, nostrils and mouths are all cut out of sheets of nori. The green is bok choy, I knew he wasn’t even going to consider eating it, but it needed something as a background. Carrot flowers are super easy to make and are a nice touch. I marinated some tofu in teriyaki and baked it then cut it into cubes with a sliced egg flower. I’m still working on making them actually look like flowers… The apples we picked from an orchard the day before here in Maryland at Turtle’s best friend’s 6th birthday. With caramel dip, they usually get eaten. Pretzels and cheese to round it out.

Unfortunately, Turtle caught a bug at school and as he was eating lunch, lost his cheese all over the cafeteria floor. I really feel for the janitor that day. It’s a load of fun to get a phone call from the school nurse saying your precious child yakked all over the floor and has a 100 degree fever. He missed 3 days of school! This was after already missing the first week due to Hurricane Irene’s destruction. He’s back to his normal self now though. Hooray for the resiliency of youth. Needless to say, this one pretty much came home uneaten.

Last but not least, Bunny Time!

PB&J Sealed sandwich bunny wabbit. Another bento idea from the same series as the Pig. How-to make a sealed sandwich instructions found here. Adorable, right?

Did you notice the container change? The lunches in the 4 container and box are actually from Laptop Lunches. I cannot talk about them enough. We’ve had these since Turtle first started going to daycare 3 years ago now. They are fantastic. The clear container is from CitizenPip, unfortunately who are now going out of business. I bought these containers on clearance at Their containers are “Muck-Free”: BPA, lead, and phthalate free.

Random tangent alert. Phthalate is a weird word. I’ve been pronouncing it wrong for years… Looks like Fuh-that-uh-let, right? Apparently, it’s Th-Allet. Phth = Th? Why not just write Thallet then??? Science is cray-cray.

Ok, time to make dinner for Turtle. No school tomorrow in observance of Rosh Hashanah. Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends.





Typical me

Just started this blog and have already let it fall behind. That’s typical me alright. However, I have still been a busy little bee making fun lunches for Turtle.

Thinking I’ll just lump them all onto this one post… Yeah. Good idea, Me! Me is so smart sometimes.

Best to start from the beginning. This was from Week One but not Day One because, (proof that I’m not always smart) I forgot to take pictures of the lunches. In my defense, they weren’t as picture-worthy as this one. Yes, I gave my Kindergartener sushi for lunch. Yes, he ate it all. Surimi and Korean marinated carrots = YUM. The only thing he didn’t eat all of was the nectarines. He ate a good portion of it though. Good enough for me.

So I was inspired by (read: stole this idea from) Cute Food for Kids Yes, yes I know, theirs is much nicer. I will maintain that they made a couple dozen of them and picked the one that looked the best. Mine’s not half-bad for the first (only) attempt. ;-P

Lunch Day 1I see that I need to work on my lighting…

Between bouts of awesomeness, I do yummy but visually boring lunches. Sue me.

Homemade refried pinto beans, rice and cheese burritos, sour cream, shelf-stable milk and apples w/ peanut butter dip. This too came back empty save for an apple slice.

Hmmm, reconsidering all in one post idea now. This is pretty long. Attention drifting. Ooh look shiny! Maybe one more here and then start a new post with more of this exciting fun.

Bacon Grilled Cheese bites w/ ketchup dip, No sugar added applesauce, whole wheat Goldfish, fruit snacks and a hard-boiled egg shaped like a fish.

Yes, I said a fish. See? It’s so easy to make these with hard-boiled egg molds. Also, steamed the eggs instead of boiling them. The shells peel off easier than you can imagine.

There are some fantastic bento lunch items floating around out there. I bought most of mine from All Things For Super cheap, fast shipping what more could you ask for?

Two cutting boards and an iPhone

Welcome to my crazy world. I’m starting a new blog because, frankly, my Facebook page isn’t really the greatest place to put all this stuff.

I’m a WOHM to two little guys. For privacy’s sake I’m only going to refer to them by their nicknames. Turtle, the 5 year old, just started Kindergarten and Giraffe is 6 months old.

I love to make fun, creative lunches for Turtle. I get a lot of ideas and inspiration from other places on the net and will ALWAYS attribute any ideas I use for his lunches.

Giraffe is just starting to enjoy the wonders of the world of food. So far he’s an adventurous eater. I really do try to make 99% of his food at home. While he does resemble the Gerber baby, he won’t be eating like one. It’s easier than I thought it would be with the right equipment and I know exactly what he’s eating.

I’m a little late to the whole Mommy blogging game, but I’ll see how it goes.